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  • ||||||||||  Venclexta (venetoclax) / Roche, AbbVie, A-1592668 / AbbVie, A-1331852 / AbbVie, CD6-ADC / Cleveland Clinic
    A Novel Aggressive NK Cell Leukemia Cell Line and Mouse Model for Evaluation of Therapeutic Candidates (ASH 2021) -  Nov 5, 2021 - Abstract #1198; Author: Xiaoxian Zhao, PhD1,2; Caroline Astbury, PhD3; Feng Lin, PhD4; Darren C. Phillips, PhD5; Eric D. Hsi, MD1,3; Presentation Time: December 11, 2021; 17:30-19:30   
    The in vitro data support further investigation of the expression features of BCL-2 family proteins in ANKL cases and in vivo evaluation for the efficiency of anti-apoptotic protein inhibitors in this aggressive disease. Further studies targeting CD6 in ANKL is warranted.