AB-729 / Arbutus 
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    [VIRTUAL] LOW HBsAg LEVELS MAINTAINED FOLLOWING CESSATION OF THE GALNAC-siRNA, AB-729, IN CHRONIC HEPATITIS B SUBJECTS ON NUCLEOS(T)IDE ANALOGUE THERAPY (AASLD 2021) -  Nov 2, 2021 - Abstract #LP18; Author: Man Fung Yuen1; Elina Berliba2; Wattana Sukeepaisarnjaroen3; Pisit Tangkijvanich4; Apinya Leerapun5; Jacinta A Holmes6; Edward J Gane7; Alina Jucov2; Emily P Thi8; Michael J Sofia8; Heather Sevinsky9; Timothy Eley9; Elina Medvedeva9; Kevin Gray9; Deana Antoniello9; Gaston R. Picchio9; Karen Sims9; Simone I. Strasser10;    
    HBsAg suppression at levels <100 IU/mL is maintained in some subjects up to 20 weeks following the last dose of AB-729. These data support the continued evaluation of AB-729 as the cornerstone of combination treatment to achieve functional cure of chronic HBV.
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    [VIRTUAL] Repeat dosing of the GalNAc-siRNA AB-729 in subjects with chronic hepatitis B results in robust and sustained HBsAg suppression (EASL-ILC 2021) -  May 26, 2021 - Abstract #LBO-2764; Author: Man-Fung Yuen1; Elina Berliba2; Wattana Sukeepaisarnjaroen3; Simone Strasser4; Pisit Tangkijvanich5; Jacinta Holmes6; Apinya Leerapun7; Alina Jucov2; Emily P. Thi8; Tosh Wattamwar8; Michael J. Sofia8; Heather Sevinsky8; Kevin Gray8; Deana Antoniello8; Timothy Eley8; Gaston Picchio8; Karen Sims8; Edward Gane9; Presentation Time: June 26, 2021; 13:15-13:30   
    Robust mean declines in HBsAg were sustained with repeat dosing of AB-729, with most subjects reaching HBsAg<100 IU/mL and no meaningful differences observed to date between dose and/or dosing intervals. Development of AB-729 continues with assessment of longer dosing intervals (Q12W) as well as in combination with other agents.
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    [VIRTUAL] SAFETY AND PHARMACODYNAMICS OF THE GALNAC-siRNA AB-729 IN SUBJECTS WITH CHRONIC HEPATITIS B INFECTION (AASLD 2020) -  Oct 11, 2020 - Abstract #0083; Author: Man-Fung Yuen1; Dr. Elina Berliba2; Prof. Yoon Jun Kim3; Dr. Jacinta A Holmes4; Prof. Young-Suk Lim5; Simone I. Strasser6; Dr. Christian Schwabe7; Dr. Alina Jucov2; Dr. Amy C.H. Lee8; Dr. Emily P Thi8; Dr. Troy Harasym8; G R Pamulapati8; Paratosh Wattamwar8; Jeevan Kunta8; Dr. Michael J Sofia8; Heather Sevinsky9; Kevin Gray9; Dr. Timothy Eley9; Dr. Gaston R. Picchio9; Dr. Karen Sims9; Prof. Edward J. Gane7; Presentation Time: November 15, 2020; 14:40-14:50   
    AB-729 was generally safe and well tolerated following single SC doses, with no clinically relevant ALT/AST changes in the 60mg and 90mg cohorts. Robust mean declines in HBsAg were observed following single doses of 60mg, 90mg and 180mg in CHB subjects that continued through 12 weeks post single dose, supportive of a dosing interval of monthly or less frequently in multiple dose studies.
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    Function and drug combination studies in cell culture models for AB-729, a subcutaneously administered siRNA investigational agent for chronic hepatitis B infection (EASL-ILC 2019) -  Apr 16, 2019 - Abstract #FRI-184; Author: Amy C.H. Lee1; Emily P. Thi1; Andrea Cuconati1; Andrzej Ardzinski1; Richard Holland1; Hui Huang1; Andrew S. Kondratowicz1; Rose Kowalski1; Lorne Palmer1; Chris Pasetka1; Rene Rijnbrand1; Holly M. Steuer1; Xiaohe Wang1; Xin Ye1; Michael J. Sofia11Arbutus Biopharma, Warminster, United StatesEmail: alee@arbutusbio.com; Presentation Time: April 12, 2019; 09:00-17:00   
    Pairwise testing with tenofovir alafenamide, peg-interferon-alpha-2a and AB-506, a next-generation investigational capsid inhibitor, showed that AB-729 was able to combine productively with each of these drug modalities and without significant effects on cell viability. Standard HBV cell lines can be used to characterize the activity of the AB-729 siRNA whereas two primary hepatocyte systems were able to model both the cell entry functionality and anti-HBV activities of AB-729. Preclinical investigations demonstrate that AB-729 and AB-506 when combined have distinct but mechanistically compatible antiviral activities and may feasibly be used in future combination therapeutic regimens.
  • ||||||||||  REP 2139 / Replicor, AB-729 / Arbutus, Opdivo (nivolumab) / Ono Pharma, BMS, entecavir / Generic mfg., REP 2165 / Replicor, bepirovirsen (GSK3228836) / GSK, vesatolimod (GS-9620) / Gilead, ARB-1467 / Arbutus
    Journal:  Hot News: Hepatitis B Gene Therapy Coming to Age. (Pubmed Central) -  Jun 26, 2018   
    EASL, Paris 2018; abstract FRI-343). An improved NAP, named REP-2165 and subcutaneous administration are currently being tested.