CEACAM5-targeted antibody-drug conjugate 
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  • ||||||||||  Journal:  Generation and Characterization of Iduronidase-Cleavable ADCs. (Pubmed Central) -  Dec 6, 2023   
    Finally, in vivo antitumor activity could be demonstrated for an IduA-cleavable duocarmycin ADC. The presented results emphasize the potential of iduronide linkers for ADC development and represent a tool for further balancing out tumor selectivity and safety.
  • ||||||||||  SCS-03: How CEACAM5 Expression Can Be Measured and Leveraged in NSCLC Care: Current Developments & Future Therapeutic Opportunities (Chicago Ballroom ABCD) -  Nov 29, 2023 - Abstract #IASLCNACLC2023IASLC_NACLC_93;    
    The presented results emphasize the potential of iduronide linkers for ADC development and represent a tool for further balancing out tumor selectivity and safety. Promising initial evidence demonstrates the potential of targeting CEACAM5 to provide additional therapeutic options for patients with lung cancer, and several ongoing clinical trials are evaluating CEACAM5-targeting agents across different settings in NSCLC.In this live satellite symposium, renowned experts will discuss the clinical rationale for targeting CEACAM5, explore how strategies to test for CEACAM5 fit into larger testing paradigms in NSCLC, and review ongoing research efforts to develop antibody-drug conjugates
  • ||||||||||  ifinatamab deruxtecan (DS-7300) / Daiichi Sankyo, Merck (MSD), Trodelvy (sacituzumab govitecan-hziy) / Everest Medicines, Gilead, Rova-T (rovalpituzumab tesirine) / AbbVie
    Review, Journal:  Unlocking New Horizons in Small-Cell Lung Cancer Treatment: The Onset of Antibody-Drug Conjugates. (Pubmed Central) -  Nov 25, 2023   
    Furthermore, an anti-B7-H3 (CD276), ifinatamab deruxtecan (DS7300A), showed a high response rate and durable responses in heavily pretreated SCLC...Further studies are needed to determine their efficacy and safety and the best location in the treatment algorithm for SCLC. In this review, we aim to collect and describe the results regarding the past, the present, and the future of ADCs in SCLC.
  • ||||||||||  ATOR-4066 / Alligator Biosci
    Combination treatment with ATOR-4066, a Neo-X-Prime (Exhibit Hall B) -  Sep 27, 2023 - Abstract #SITC2023SITC_1164;    
    Furthermore, using DTCs from gastric cancer patients, ATOR-4066 induced activation of multiple immune cell populations. Conclusions Overall, these data emphasize the potential of ATOR-4066 as monotherapy and as a checkpoint inhibitor combination partner to further enhance the immune response in tumors, demonstrating the promise of this new candidate drug for further clinical development.
  • ||||||||||  Review, Journal, IO biomarker:  Antibody-Drug Conjugates in Lung Cancer: Recent Advances and Implementing Strategies. (Pubmed Central) -  Jul 19, 2023   
    In this review, we discuss the available evidence and future perspectives on ADCs for lung cancer treatment, including a comprehensive discussion on structure-based drug design, mechanism of action, and resistance concepts. Data were summarized by specific target antigen, biology, efficacy, and safety, differing among ADCs according to the ADC payload and their pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics properties.
  • ||||||||||  Enhertu (fam-trastuzumab deruxtecan-nxki) / Daiichi Sankyo, AstraZeneca
    Antibody-Drug Conjugates for Lung Cancer: Payloads and Progress () -  Jun 1, 2023 - Abstract #ASCO2023ASCO_7174;    
    Trastuzumab Deruxtecan (also known as DS-8201a or T-DXd) an ADC directed at HER2 recently became the first ADC to receive FDA approval in lung cancer, on the basis of its activity in tumors with HER2 mutations, demonstrated in the Destiny-Lung01 and Lung02 trials. PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: Traztuzumab deruxtecan (T-DXd) is the first antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) approved for lung cancer on the basis of activity in patients with HER2 mutation
  • ||||||||||  MODULE 6: Future Directions in the Management of Metastatic NSCLC (Hilton Chicago, Grand Ballroom ) -  May 15, 2023 - Abstract #ASCO2023ASCO_7042;    
    This event is organized and accredited by Research to Practice and supported through educational grants provided by AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP, Daiichi Sankyo Inc, Janssen Biotech Inc, administered by Janssen Scientific Affairs LLC, Lilly, Novocure Inc, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc, and Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. Biologic rationale for targeting TROP2 in lung cancer; mechanism of action of the TROP2-directed antibody-drug conjugate datopotamab deruxtecan (dato-DXd) Clinical activity observed with dato-DXd as monotherapy and in combination with other systemic anticancer therapies for advanced NSCLC; ongoing Phase III studies Incidence and severity of toxicities associated with dato-DXd, including interstitial lung disease Mechanism of action of tumor treating fields; preclinical and early clinical data supporting the investigation of this treatment modality in NSCLC Emerging positive results from the Phase III LUNAR study of tumor treating fields concurrent with immune checkpoint inhibition or docetaxel for metastatic NSCLC after failure of platinum-based therapy Potential clinical role of tumor treating fields in the care of patients with progressive NSCLC Early-phase data with anti-PD-1/PD-L1 antibodies in combination with other systemic therapies (eg, ramucirumab/pembrolizumab, lenvatinib/pembrolizumab, sitravatinib/nivolumab, durvalumab/ceralasertib) for progressive advanced NSCLC Other promising novel agents and strategies in clinical development for advanced NSCLC
  • ||||||||||  Tumor-specific CD28 costimulatory bispecific antibodies enhance T cell activation in solid tumors (Section 24; Poster Board #30) -  Mar 14, 2023 - Abstract #AACR2023AACR_5142;    
    CD28 bispecifics were identified with selective potency on high versus low expressing cell lines, suggesting a favorable therapeutic index. CD28 bispecific antibodies co-targeting CEACAM5, Trop-2, STEAP1, and mesothelin show promising activity and warrant further development across a range of solid tumors.
  • ||||||||||  tusamitamab ravtansine (SAR408701) / Sanofi, Keytruda (pembrolizumab) / Merck (MSD)
    Safety and efficacy of tusamitamab ravtansine in combination with pembrolizumab  (Auditorium 4) -  Feb 10, 2023 - Abstract #ELCC2023ELCC_310;    
    Objective response rate (ORR) and disease control rate (DCR) for all patients were 40% and 88%, respectively. Table: 13MO Conclusions Tusa rav combined with SoC showed encouraging antitumor activity across all treatment arms with a favorable safety profile, including in the T4 arm, and no new safety concerns, supporting ongoing evaluation of tusa rav.
  • ||||||||||  Journal:  Antibody Drug Conjugates in Lung Cancer. (Pubmed Central) -  Nov 18, 2022   
    Currently, early-phase trials of ADCs in non-small cell lung cancer are rapidly gaining ground, with promising results targeting HER2 (human epidermal growth factor 2), HER3, TROP2 (trophoblast cell surface antigen 2), MET, CEACAM5 (carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 5), and PTK7 (tyrosine protein kinase-like 7). Unfortunately, in small cell lung cancer, trials targeting the ubiquitous DLL3 (delta-like ligand 3) protein have failed to show clinically relevant results, despite significant toxicity.
  • ||||||||||  Development of a novel antibody-drug conjugate targeting both CEACAM5 and CEACAM6 (Exhibition Hall) -  Sep 3, 2022 - Abstract #AACRNCIEORTC2022AACR_NCI_EORTC_377;    
    CT109-SN-38 similarly exhibits a dose-dependent effect in reducing tumor growth in a heterotopic PDAC tumor xenograft model, with 2/10 mice exhibiting tumor regression throughout the study. Further preclinical and clinical development of CT109-SN-38 is warranted.
  • ||||||||||  M9140 / EMD Serono
    New P1 trial, Metastases:  Anti-CEACAM5 ADC M9140 in Advanced Solid Tumors (clinicaltrials.gov) -  Jul 19, 2022   
    P1,  N=30, Recruiting,