Activated protein C receptor mod 
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  • ||||||||||  SerpinPC (APC-specific serpin) / Centessa
    [VIRTUAL] A Novel Prediction Platform to Enhance the Design of Therapeutic SERPINs (ISTH 2021) -  Jun 9, 2021 - Abstract #OC 05.3; Author: W. Sanrattana1; T. Sefiane2; S. Smits1; D. Monroe3; P. Lenting2; C. Maas1; S. de Maat1; Presentation Time: July 18, 2021; 11:24-11:36   
    To further validate our platform, a third generation of APC-specific SERPINs were designed with improved efficacy and specificity. This translated into increased efficacy compared to the published 357 KRK359 variant1 in in vitro coagulation assays, which was further validated in an in vivo model of Hemophilia A. Conclusions : Based upon these insights, we conclude that the library-based approach offers unique insight into SERPIN RCL-specificity that will improve design of therapeutic SERPINs.