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  • ||||||||||  Clinical; Enrollment change; Enrollment closed; Trial completion date; Trial primary completion date:  Improving Access to the Treatment of Anxiety and Depression Among Youth Linguistic Minorities ( -  Apr 30, 2018   
    P=N/A,  N=28, Active, not recruiting, 
    Not yet recruiting -> Active, not recruiting | N=20 -> 28 | Trial completion date: Mar 2018 -> Aug 2018 | Trial primary completion date: Oct 2017 -> Jul 2018
  • ||||||||||  Clinical; Enrollment change; Trial completion:  Internet-based Exposure Therapy for Panic Disorder ( -  Aug 17, 2017   
    P=N/A,  N=61, Completed, 
    Recruiting -> Completed | N=80 -> 61
  • ||||||||||  Journal:  A longitudinal study of experiential avoidance in emotional disorders. (Pubmed Central) -  Apr 10, 2014   
    Finally, EA at T4 mediated the longitudinal association of fear disorders at T2 with distress disorders at T6 as well as of distress disorders at T2 with fear disorders at T6. These findings suggest that EA scores are more than epiphenomena of emotional disorders and that EA may be conceptualized as a relevant transdiagnostic factor affecting the course and development of comorbidity of emotional disorders.